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Transcendence movie trailer


Jay Leno’s 1939 Brough Superior SS 100

First Earth-size planet found in the habitable zone of another star
Using Nasa's Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered the first Earth-size planet orbiting a star in the "habitable zone"... read more
US Marines meet their LS3 robot mule
The four-legged LS3 robot mule was developed to go where tracked and wheeled vehicles can’t go. Watch as the Marine Corps test LS3 for the first time... read more
Jay Leno’s 1939 Brough Superior SS 100
Jay Leno really likes Brough Superior motorcycles. So much so that he owns six. Catch Jay's classic 1939 Brough Superior SS 100 in action in this video... read more
Clever way to create more kitchen workspace
Owning a glass cooking hob is great. Running out of kitchen counter space is not so great. Solve the problem by... read more
Lena Delta
The Lena River, some 4 500 km long, is one of the largest rivers in the world. Download the wallpaper to set as your screen's background... read more
First image from India’s Mars Orbiter Mission
This is the first image of the Earth captured by the Mars Color Camera (MCC) on board India’s Mars Orbiter Spacecraft. It was taken on 29 November 2013 from an... read more
Transcendence movie trailer
'Transcendence' explores the real possibility that humans — in our attempts to create a better world through technology — can go too far. Watch the trailer... read more
Win 1 of 3 African Brew books worth R260 each, courtesy of Struik Lifestyle
Travel writer Lucy Corne and renowned photographer Ryno Reyneke joined forces to produce 'African Brew', a winner in the 2013 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards... read more