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Mike Fogg on motor lifestyle estate at Roy Hesketh circuit


FutureTech 2014 TV ad

World Science Festival 2014: how to unlock curious minds
The World Science Festival 2014 in New York was a five-day celebration of all that’s good about science. PM editor Alan Duggan went along for the ride... read more
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Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG 2015
Download wallpaper of the Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG to set as your screen's background... read more
Fruit fly factory
This image showing cross-sections of ten ovarioles from different female fruit flies won the “People’s Choice” award in the 2014 Art of Science competition... read more
Mike Fogg on motor lifestyle estate at Roy Hesketh circuit
PM's Anthony Doman recently spoke to developer Mike Fogg about his plans for a motor lifestyle estate at the Roy Hesketh circuit in Pietermaritzburg... read more
Win 1 of 2 Bosch PSB 18 LI-2 cordless combi drills, each worth R2 399
The Bosch PSB 18 LI-2 cordless combi drill comes with the 20 pre-selectable torque settings, which ensures optimum power for every application... read more