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Elon Musk's plan to colonise Mars

A visual illustration of gravitational waves

A visual illustration of gravitational waves

What is happening with today’s nutrition research?
The sugar industry paid off scientists in the 1960s. What about nutrition research today? ResearchGate spoke with the chief scientific adviser...... read more
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Shell has been committed to product quality and premium fuels for decades. In fact, Shell experts created one of the first-ever premium fuels, Shell V-Power petrol, in Hong Kong in... read more
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Whether you're a horology novice or a pro, here are ten watch terms all horology enthusiasts should know.... read more
How to use voice recognition
What felt like a gimmick – the ability to tell your car, phone or TV what to do – has become quite useful. And voice recognition will only get better.... read more
Apple wants a slice of McLaren technology pie
The Financial Times reports that Apple is looking to acquire the McLaren Technology Group as a strategic investment. By Chris Perkins... read more
How to restore antique tins
Whether it's the antique tins you've bought at flea markets or the neatly stacked tins from your grandmother's kitchen, here's how you can restore them.... read more
Micro distilling goes macro
Thanks to distilleries like Headframe Spirits, small-batch liquor no longer has to give up quality to gain scale.... read more
US Navy Douglas Super DC-3 wreck in Iceland
Have you ever seen Iceland's most famous wreck? Pictured above is the US Navy Douglas Super DC-3 airplane that crashed on Sólheimasandur Beach in 1973.... read more
Elon Musk’s plan to colonise Mars
With alluring phrases like “make Mars seem possible” and “you can go”, SpaceX founder, CEO and lead designer, Elon Musk, last night revealed his company’s plan to colonise Mars. Delivering a presentation... read more
Win one of two Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned cocktail crafting
kits to the value of R1 200 each

Woodford Reserve isn’t manufactured; it is crafted in small batches since 1812. The distillery is one of Kentucky’s oldest and smallest, sitting on the site. It is also the only... read more