• The Manhattan Project mechanical cocktail maker

  • OpenROV robot explores the Aquarius undersea laboratory

  • Myo armband joins forces with Oculus Rift

  • US Marines' amphibious vehicle will scale 3 metre-high sea walls

  • Rosetta arrives at comet destination after 10 years

  • Vitamin C kaleidoscope

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The Manhattan Project mechanical cocktail maker


The HMS Queen Elizabeth warship packs quite a punch

Chimpanzees like music with a different beat
Chimpanzees apparently like to listen to the different rhythms of music from Africa and India, according to new research published by the APA... read more
The Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop is a wondershop
There’s a place where artists can create whatever they want, using the most advanced equipment on the planet. Introducing the Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop... read more
Ford takes aim at sub-Saharan Africa
At its Go Further day, Ford revealed plans for a push into a new consolidated Middle East/Africa region - headlined by 25 new vehicles in the next two years... read more
Get rid of mosquitos
If your bedroom has steel-framed windows, try this solution to get rid of mosquitos flying around your head while you try to sleep... read more
Every last drop
This image - showing a drop of water falling onto a daisy - illustrates the fragility of our water supply and that we need to conserve “Every Last Drop”... read more
Vitamin C kaleidoscope
Captured by Nathan Myhrvold, this kaleidoscopic image of vitamin c crystals was one of the top entries in the 2014 Art of Science competition... read more
The Manhattan Project mechanical cocktail maker
Ben Cowden's hand-cranked sculpture makes a classic Manhattan cocktail, measuring, pouring and mixing just the right amounts to create its magic... read more
Win 1 of 5 World Panel WP500 Solar Charging Kits, each worth R750
Weighing 500 grams, World Panel's WP500 solar charger is waterproof, and its UV panel and housing can survive a drop from 2 metres... read more