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Mountain Trike for wheelchair users has serious go-anywhere cred

bertha tunnel

How they'll rescue the gigantic Bertha tunnel boring machine

Cancer wars: another breakthrough offers new hope
Scientists have identified a gene responsible for stopping the movement of cancer from the lungs to other parts of the body, indicating a new way to fight lung cancer... read more
The rescue mission for Bertha, the world’s largest tunnel-boring machine
The world’s largest tunnel-boring machine has stalled deep beneath Seattle. There’s only one way to finish the project. Bertha must be saved... read more
Jeep Renegade: a new chapter
An impressive array of tech features – including 9-speed automatic transmission – marks the arrival of Jeep’s entry into the compact SUV category... read more
Build a toy box on wheels
Children always need somewhere to put their toys. Build a toy box on wheels, which will offer the perfect storage solution... read more
Mercedes-AMG GT
Download wallpaper of the new Mercedes-AMG GT here.... read more
Illusions in the PSR B1509-58 spinning neutron star
Some people report seeing a shape of a face in a new image of the PSR B1509-58 spinning neutron star. What do you see?... read more
Mountain Trike for wheelchair users has serious go-anywhere cred
Inventor Tim Morgan, 30, developed the Mountain Trike to take wheelchair users safely off-road in comfort. Check out the trike's capabilities in this video... read more
Win 1 of 2 Leatherman Rebar multitool + Led Lenser P7.2 torch sets
Leatherman and Led Lenser have joined forces to develop a limited box set, including a Leatherman Rebar multi-tool and a Led Lenser P7.2 torch... read more