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Here the Cordyceps fungus has invaded the body of a grasshopper, and has burst from its head and body after positioning itself according to the will of the fungus.

Zombie Fungus Controls the Minds of Insects

This isn't real. A screenshot from a recording from within the Unreal 4 Game Engine which shows the photo-realistic future of gamin graphics is near.

Photo-realism in Games Is Almost Here

A Guide to Lucid Dreaming and Why it Could Make You Smarter
Lucid dreaming is as close as you can get to making your wildest dreams come true without entering The Matrix. It is the process where you become aware you are... read more
One (Credit) Card to Rule Them All
The Swyp card is a metal card that even fits in your wallet and that can store the information of 25 of your credit, debit, loyalty or gift cards in... read more
Detroit versus everybody
The North American International Auto Show, much like the Emmys, kicks of the next calendar year for production cars. Here you won’t find many exotic concepts, but rather street-ready new... read more
Survive or Thrive during the Blackouts – The Complete Guide
The blackouts are rolling and by all indications they won’t be getting better any time soon. PM decided that there are more productive ways to channel our frustration and compiled... read more
Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4
This is a car for driving fast, on the most challenging roads you can find. Download wallpaper of the Lamborghini Huracán here.... read more
The Milky Way above the “Seven Strong Men” Rock Formations in Russia
The Milky Way above the "Seven Strong Men" rock formations in northern Russia, photographed by Sergei Makurin during February, 2014. Image Credit: NASA.... read more
Zombie Fungus Controls the Minds of Insects
The zombie-like fungus takes complete control of its host and forces it to alter its behaviour to suit the optimal survival strategy of the Cordyceps. Generally this means the ants... read more
WIN! With our home workshop challenge
ANNOUNCING: The Popular Mechanics Home Workshop Challenge For 113 years Popular Mechanics has pushed the limits of what we can achieve in our workshops, whether it’s making a rolltop desk... read more