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World's highest paper plane flight


Fascinating build of the one-design Volvo Ocean 65 yacht

Discovery expands search for Earth-like planets
A newly discovered planet in a binary star system located 3 000 light-years from Earth is expanding astronomers’ notions of where Earth-like...... read more
Beehive design wins top invention award – 2014 Inventor of the Year
Popular Mechanics has awarded its Inventor of the Year title to Greg Aberdeen and Mark Collins for the development of a revolutionary beehive system... read more
Paris Motor Show 2014: opening day gallery
The French manufacturers go all out at the Paris Motor Show, but all the big makes are represented to a greater or lesser extent.... read more
2014 DIY Handbook
The 2014 DIY Handbook features an eclectic mix of weekend challenges, handy hints for the home, garden and garage, and more. Download it here.... read more
Crowned Slug Moth
This image of a crowned slug moth or Isa textula was captured by Stan Malcolm for Macroscopic Solutions. Download the wallpaper here!... read more
Astronaut Reid Wiseman completes first spacewalk for Expedition 41
On 7 October, Nasa astronaut Reid Wiseman completed the first spacewalk for the Expedition 41 crew aboard the International Space Station... read more
World’s highest paper plane flight
A team from the US has achieved the world's highest paper plane flight. Aboard a near-space balloon, the paper plane was launched from a height of 29 432 m... read more
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