DIY: Make a basic dining chair

DIY: Make a basic dining chair
Date:1 October 2010 Tags:,

Here are the instructions to make your own dining chair. You will discover that, having made one, the rest will be easy and you can make a complete set of dining chairs for a very affordable price. – Janice Anderssen

There are various modifications that you can make to the chair for effect, such as slatted seat, thinner back, cut out in back, and so on. But let's start with the basics…

You will need:
* 2x 1 800 mm lengths of 44 x 44 mm pine (or meranti)

Cut to lengths
* 2x of 440 mm – front legs
* 2x of 700 mm – back legs
* 2x of 150 mm – back legs top
* 2x 1 800 mm lengths of 70 mm wide pine (or meranti)

Cut to lengths
* 4x of 400 mm – front/back/side panels

* 1x of 400 x 140 mm pine – back rest (you could also use 2x 70 mm)

* Ponal wood glue
* Wood filler
* Tape measure
* Pencil
* Pockethole Jig
* Clamps
* Drill/driver and assorted drill and screw bits
* Countersink bit
* 8 mm dowels and dowel centres
* 4 x 25 mm half-shank cut screws
* Orbital sander and 180-grit sanding pads
* Mitre box and saw, jigsaw, circular saw or mitre saw
* Woodoc 5 or 10 and stain concentrate or gel stain
* Woodoc steel wool OR Rust-Oleum 2X Painters Touch spray paint (gloss or satin)

Article source: this article was adapted with permission from HOMEMAKERSonline

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