With summer just around the corner, this project is sure to keep the kids busy and remind adults of parachuting army men from back-in-the-day. These parachuting balls or “Sky Balls” are the brainchild of YouTuber Grant Thompson, they are easy to make and don’t require many materials.

What you’ll need for the parachuting balls:

A pack of balloons
Dry rice
A plastic tablecloth/a roll of plastic for covering books
An empty tube for getting rice into a balloon

Watch the video above for instructions on how to make the ball. While Grant has not yet posted how to make the parachute, we recommend cutting the plastic into a square and tying each end of the square with a string, thereafter bring all the strings together at the end. Or simply experiment and tell us how you would rig the parachute in the comments section below.

Image and video credit: Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”