No firelighters? Try this

Date:21 September 2013 Tags:, , , ,

A friend showed me this one afternoon when we were about to light the braai but found we had forgotten to buy firelighters. Roll toilet paper around your hand about 10 times, then scrunch it into a tight ball. You’ll need about four or five balls. Next, pour cooking oil into a small bowl and dip each toilet paper ball into the oil, letting it soak up the oil (leave a small section dry to allow easy lighting). Once they get going, these firelighters will burn just as well as the conventional kind, and they’re cheaper!

Anton Gruber

  • Jonathan Auret

    its easier to roll the paper around your hand about 20 times and then close off one end to create like a little cup/bowl. Half fill that with cooking oil, pack coals around that and light. you only need 1 and works just as well.

    Or else you can use a cardboard egg try. Put some cooking oil in each segment, and start lighting.

  • Rae Smith

    Easiest: take a page of news paper, fold it to the desired length beforehand and into the shape of a small stick by twisting the ends and it will last long enough. If you make about four of these on nice, dry wood you will have fire…

  • Etienne Alexander

    I use discarded cardboard egg containers filled with cooking oil. Normally 2 or 3 sets of 3 ‘holes’ will do the trick. Or you can just buy a pack of firelighters even if you think you have at home to be safe.