Do it your way: Bloom buster

Date:1 July 2016

Having spent many hours on the Internet looking for ways to remove the “bloom” on wine glasses caused by dishwashers, I could write my own website on failed attempts. This seems a common problem that many people have encountered, but no one seems to have a viable solution.

From soaking in vinegar to using acetone, there are many ideas that are reported to work, but having tried them all I can reliably say that I have not found one that works 100 per cent, until now. I have found that a quick rub, 30 seconds is all it took, of Meg-uiar’s Ultimate Compound restored the glass to perfect condition. I am sure that other rubbing compounds may have similar results, but I can say, this is no old wives’ tale. Now for the rest in the cupboard.

Dave Bache
Somerset West

This article was originally published in the March 2016 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.