• Three ways to measure your projects accurately

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    Whether you measure to estimate surface, check a space that must house s fridge or just a piece of wood, distance is important. Here are three iterations of the ruler, and why they 
all belong in your toolbox.


    How to use: You know the basics. A pro tip: for interior spaces, abut (touch) the body of the tape measure to one side and extend the tape to the other. The full measurement is the sum of what’s shown on the tape and the length of the reel – which any quality product will have labelled.

    When to use: This is the go-to – the best tool for 95 per cent of jobs.


    How to use: Unfold the links until you can read off the distance. If there’s not space to unfurl the last link, extend the slider for an exact measurement.

    When to use: A carpenter’s ruler is thin enough to fit some places a tape measure can’t. And by fixing it at the needed length, a measure can be easily transferred to multiple workpieces.


    How to use: Place the butt of the device against one side of the space, point the laser at a reflective object on the other side, and press the button.

    When to use: Great for long distances or locations where routing a tape measure would be a challenge. Also useful for quickly estimating a surface area or volume, as before laying carpet or pouring concrete.

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