• Opening windows on Mac

    Date:1 June 2010

    Apple’s free Boot Camp program makes it easy for users of Intel-based Macs to run Windows on their machines. But because Boot Camp requires users to reboot the computer to switch between Windows and Mac OS, you will need a third-party program to run both at the same time. There are numerous such programs on the market, and most of them work well enough, but I personally like Parallels Desktop for its seamless integration of Windows and Mac interfaces.

    If you’ve already installed Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp, you won’t need to reinstall it to run other dual-OS solutions – but getting this set up can take a little bit of work.

    There are basically two approaches: one allows you to keep booting through Boot Camp. The third-party companies behind dual-OS programs supply detailed instructions online for how to do this.

    The other option moves the entire Windows installation away from Boot Camp, making it accessible only to the new program. To do this, you’ll need to download a program called a transporter agent, which is typically offered for free online by the manufacturers of dual-OS software.

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