Calling all universities: South African Inventor of the Year

Calling all universities: South African Inventor of the Year
Date:17 August 2011 Tags:, , ,

The Big Idea.
Students from universities throughout South Africa are cordially invited to enter the inaugural Popular Mechanics South African Inventor of the Year competition, a unique opportunity forming part of the INVENT 2011 programme. The Breaking Ground Award aims to identify the most imaginative and innovative South Africans across a wide spectrum of disciplines, and reward them with substantial prizes. We believe this will result in useful engagement between students and educators while highlighting the wealth of creative talent in our universities.

How can you help?
By informing students about the competition, by encouraging them to enter, and by providing them with the necessary support, advice and other resources needed to take their concepts from the stage of “amazing idea” to actual product. We’re looking for genuinely new concepts with potentially marketable and/or useful applications that could change our world, or at least a small part of it.

What’s the next step?
Please help us to spread the word by distributing this announcement as widely as possible. We will provide regular updates on the competition across the various Popular Mechanics channels, including the magazine, Web site, weekly newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, events and mobile communications. Printable posters will be available soon on the Web site or you can e-mail with Invent 2011 Poster in the subject line.

* Download the competition entry form, rules and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): see links in red below.  Note: If you're visiting this page via PM's Mobi site, click here to accss the documents, then download to your mobile phone. Alternatively, visit our Web site via your computer to access and download the documents.

* Completed entry forms and NDAs can be e-mailed to

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