Categories, entry form and rules for the South Africa’s Inventor of the Year competition

Categories, entry form and rules for the South Africa's Inventor of the Year competition
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With two highly successful events under our belt, it’s time to expand the annual Popular Mechanics Inventors Conference into something bigger, better and decidedly different. Say hello to Invent 2011, an ambitious and wide-ranging project with two primary aims: to assemble some of the country’s most fertile minds at an inspiring, mind-stretching conference, and to identify South Africa’s “Inventor of the Year”.

In the coming months, we will evaluate entries in two divisions and a single person will be chosen by a panel of judges to win the title of South African Inventor of the Year.


The categories are:
* Stepping Up (high schools)
* Breaking Ground (university students)
* Emerging Genius (previously disadvantaged and minimally resourced entrants)
* Going Green (for inventions in the field of sustainable energy and environmental conservation)
* Cutting Edge.

(The last three categories are open to the general public.)

The rules are logical without being arduous: for example, the invention should be genuinely original, and must have the potential to make money or improve life on Earth. Entrants will also be asked to describe their target market, business plan and related strategies. The winners in each category will be honoured at a formal event on the evening of the PM Inventors Conference, after which we’ll name South Africa’s Inventor of the Year.

What’s your next step?
* Stay up to date with our announcements delivered via our Invent 2011 section on the Web site, our Facebook page, our weekly newsletter, “The Cutting Edge” and other media channels during the coming weeks and months.

* Download the competition entry form, rules and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): see links in red below. Note: If you're visiting this page via PM's Mobi site, click here to access the documents, then download to your mobile phone. Alternatively, visit our Web site via your computer to access and download the documents.

* Completed entry forms and NDAs can be e-mailed to

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