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Anthony Doman Anybody who has ever been trapped sweatily between stations during a midsummer rush hour – cable theft again! – is unlikely to feel anything but ugly thoughts when talk turns t...
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Supertrains: SA’s rail revolution

Like death, taxes and Monday morning delays at Gillooly’s interchange, late trains are just another inevitability of life in South Africa. The Passenger Rail Agency of SA (P

42 things you should know how to do

Unless you count Nobel Prizes, no one is handing out merit badges for a life well lived. There’s no handbook given to first graders that explains when you’ll need to ride

The 121-storey building that never sways

(Well, almost) Okay, it sways, but thanks to a damping system being used in skyscrapers for the first time, no one will feel it. Read more in the May issue of Popular Mechanic

Asus Transformer Book T90 CHImer-tablet
Asus Transformer Book T90 CHI

THE FIRST TABLETS were convenient, but not powerful enough to do much more than consume content. The rise of devices that can do both power and convenience suggests that this

lego duck
Lego: an awesome and mystical world made out of plastic bricks

Lego is the coolest company in the world right now. Between the hit movie, licensing tie-ins, retail stores, and its constant quest to innovate, the business keeps finding way

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