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Anthony Doman THE OLD MAN The golden thread running through much of this issue of Popular Mechanics is Things My Father Taught Me. From life lessons to basic life skills, appropriately we celebr...
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Cover Stories

Space Race II

Fifty years after the original space race, the superpowers are engaged in another battle that’s out of this world as rockets are all the latest rage.

Skills: The amazing CNC machine
Skills: The amazing CNC machine

A simplified guide to a sophisticated tool.

The science of flour
The science of flour

The science of the loaf: What’s artisanal about it?

Regen Villages
Upgrade: Regen Villages

Closed-loop communities, think smarter not smaller.

Tech Exclusive: Merc E-Class
Tech Exclusive: Merc E-Class

In the vanguard. The semi-autonomous Mercedes-Benz E-Class takes us on a pre-launch drive.

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