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Anthony Doman When the taps run dry Midwinter in the Cape. On a typical working day, over the top of my PC display, through the window I’d see the trees across the road being lashed by wind an...
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MAKE: A Wooden Step-Stool

This step-stool is a practical, multi-purpose unit for when you need to step up in the home or workshop and a stepladder, even a small one, would be overkill. What you see her

Destination: Mars Deep Space Concepts

Gateway to the HEAVENS. Deep Space concepts hint at how we’ll work, manufacture – and travel to Mars


In the most recent America’s Cup sailing race, the competing vessels were designed to barely skim the surface of the ocean while reaching speeds unthinkable even a few years

Superheroes: Makers In Tights

The latest take on New York’s favourite webslinger, Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out this month and is said to be deeply rooted in the tech world. Lumka Nofemele takes a loo

Beating cancer – How technology is helping us win the war

The men and women who are trying to bring down cancer are starting to join forces rather than work alone. Together, they are winning a few of the battles against the world’s

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