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    The most powerful things in the world

    Date:22 February 2016

    We’ve got a million ways to quantify power.

    Horsepower. Ergs per second. Gigawatts.

    But power is more than just numbers. Power is experience. How something feels is just as relevant as how it performs. Especially now, in this new age of automotive ingenuity.

    Nissan’s GT-R Nismo gets 600 horsepower – as near as dammit to 450 kilowatts – out of six cylinders. The Dodge Hellcat tearing up this page has 527 kilowatts and can hit 328 kilometres per hour. You’d have to be soulless to drive them without at least a small smile. And then there are the less quantifiable displays of power: like an extrusion press that squeezes metal like Play-Doh, or a whale with a tail that creates the thrust of a fighter jet. Ultimately, though, no matter how many hard stats and yelps of joy and amazement are involved, power is always up for debate. Powerful debate.

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