THE ACT OF CREATION “THAT’S QUITE AMBITIOUS,” a colleague muttered as he sidled past while I was admiring the proof of this month’s cover, emblazoned with “How to make anything”. “It’s what we do,” I shot back. Hyperbole aside, members of the Popular Mechanics family are well acquainted with the act of creation. Even when we’re breaking stuff, it’s with the aim of finding out how it’s made (example: “Things come apart”, page 26) and, when we turn our hands to hobbies, we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be, just because we c... show Morean (see Letters, page 7). To tap into that can-do approach, this month we’ve bumped up the usual page allocation to include more DIY. Some of it of the more traditional kind and some is a little more… uh… unconventional. What I mean is this: to many of us, DIY is all about tools and building stuff, but often these days it’s about dealing with things you can’t even see: making Wi-Fi networks work better and creating ways for smart tech to communicate, for instance. That’s why, in among the cordless drills, we’ve included a guide to the hassle-free home network. Try it – it’s easier than you think. Speaking of tech, in this issue we take our first tentative steps towards occasional coverage of a hitherto little explored area: home appliances. And no, I don’t mean making a dishwasher. (Although this may yet come; we’re debating whether to repair or replace, after a heating element failure in the family’s dishwasher.) The Grudge report comes as a direct result of our recent survey, which identified areas of particular interest to our readers. In the first instalment, we go hands-on with a washing machine that’s packed with cuttingedge tech that demands it be taken very seriously indeed. If you don’t believe me, you’ll have only yourself to blame when your whites turn out grey and your colours are terminally dull. Looking ahead, we’ve got some meaty content scheduled for the run-in towards summer. As the days get sunnier and longer, in November and December we will be taking an in-depth look at South Africa’s favourite outdoor cooking lifestyle and accessories, tell you everything you ever wanted to know about mountain bikes and get up close and personal with a local builder of bespoke wooden surfboards. On a more tech-oriented note, Lindsey Schutters will be visiting Germany to immerse himself in the details of a new SUV at more or less the same time I will be returning from the Frankfurt Motor Show, hopefully with insights into the connected world of the new mobility. A month later, I return to Japan for the first time in a while, to the Tokyo Motor Show, where once again the emphasis is not just on cars, but on how the streetscapes of tomorrow will look. Best of all, our line-up for year-end includes how to makean ice cream maker (and how to make ice cream). Now that’s the kind of creation we really like. anthony@ramsaymedia.co.za show less