AcerCloud: take your data and head for the clouds

AcerCloud: take your data and head for the clouds
Date:2 February 2012 Author: Sean Woods Tags:,

Ever had a hard drive die on you, or, even worse, had your PC transformed into a glob of molten plastic courtesy of a devastating house fire? If so, then you most probably understand the value of data, along with the inconvenience and sense of personal loss it brings once you’re forced to kiss precious memories and irreplaceable work files goodbye.

Fortunately though, if you purchase an Acer computer from April onwards, these doomsday scenarios shouldn’t concern you one bit. That’s because from the second quarter this year, all their new consumer PCs will come bundled with AcerCloud, the company’s very own free cloud computing service.

Utilising both local and cloud storage, it boasts strong encryption and authentication to ensure your data is transferred securely, kept safe and always available. And, as long as your PC is in sleep (standby/hibernation) mode, Acer’s Always Connect technology will do its magic to wake your computer up via a Wi-Fi connection when the need arises, save and then transfer data effortlessly to a variety of personal smart devices, regardless of where you are.

Apart from simplifying the content sharing process, this also means you can take photos on your smartphone while on the go, and then view them on a main PC at home or in the office, without the delay and complication of manually transferring files. It also allows you to do cool stuff such as purchase a movie from your main PC, and then stream it live to your tablet PC or smartphone while you’re on the road.

Acer’s new cloud service actually consists of three components: PicStream, AcerCloud Docs and Media. PicStream lets you take holiday snaps with your Android smartphone, save them permanently on your home PC (for automatic sharing with other smart devices) and back them up for 30 days in your personal cloud.

AcerCloud Docs allows professionals to update sales documents on to a PC then save them, and the documents will automatically be put into the personal cloud and streamed to other devices. They can then go to their meeting with their notebook or tablet PC and have immediate access to all the updated files. The updated files are accessible for 30 days in the personal cloud as well as on the devices, or they can be downloaded for long-term storage. And Media allows one to create playlists on their home PC and enjoy the same playlist on their tablet and phone.

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