Gears of War 3: Game Review

  • Gears of War 3 - It's more of the same, but so much better too.
  • Gears of War 3 - Get right into the action!
  • Gears of War 3 - Intricate and detailed scenery!
Date:17 October 2011 Author: Andrew Solomon

Score: 9 out of 10

This marks the final instalment of the Gears trilogy and the developers, Epic Games, have given us exactly what we wanted: more, more and more! It’s another hard-hitting action packed romp through the war-ravaged planet Sera. But even though it’s a lot more of the same it’s also a lot better in so many ways.

It’s now eighteen months since the COG (Coalition of Ordered Government) has been disbanded and now its time for Delta Squad to get into the action again. As Marcus Felix you and the rest of Delta Squad must battle the creatures that have become infected by Imulsion fuel, the Lambent.

The story seems better than the predecessors and provides a layer of top-grade production that allows a deep and meaningful experience. Of course, this is set against mayhem and relentless, action-packed war, so don’t worry about things getting too emotional. But it is nice to see the human moments play out and it makes you wonder how these people could possibly still be hanging in there. The chapter covering Cole’s mission in his hometown and the revealing of his troubled past is particularly good.

The gameplay is way slicker and the animation just seem faster and more detailed. Character movements, including the “duck and cover” mode, the handling of weapons and the facial animations are flawless. It’s really a beautiful game to play and the scenery in which you play is meticulously detailed thus providing a connection to reality that keeps you begging for more.

The multiplayer mode in Gears 2 was not particularly great and in fact some might say that it completely spoiled the experience for them. Well obviously Epic Games listened and they have completely eliminated anything that caused the negative sentiment. Multiplayer in Gears 3 is slick; the interface is great, easy and useful, and it makes you want to dedicate many hours of your life to it. Horde mode returns in Gears 3 and again allows you and a few friends to defend a location as waves (hordes) of locust invade. The new Beast mode is essentially the reverse of Horde mode and has you doing the actual invading.

In addition to the new Beast mode, you can now earn money to buy resources and defensive improvements. You can only make these purchases in between waves and the actual decisions you make in this regard adds a great element to the manic nature of Horde.

This game is a “must have” in the collection of anyone even remotely interested in shooters. It doesn’t miss in any of the categories and it will provide you with an on-going source of entertainment (and stress release).

Available on: Xbox, PC