• Winning pics from 4th International Drone Photography contest

    • Provence, summer trim Image credit: jcourtial
    • Ugo le marin Image credit: rga
    • Two Moo Image credit: LukeMaximoBell
    • Peace Image credit: luckydron
    • Dawn on Mercury City Tower Image credit: alexeygo
    • Concrete Jungle Image credit: bachirm
    • La Vijanera Image credit: feelingmovie
    • Waterlily Image credit: helios1412
    • End of the line Image credit: Martin Sanchez
    • Ice formation Image credit: Florian
    • Infinite Road to Transylvania Image credit: Calin Stan
    • Next Level Image credit: macareuxprod
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    The winners of this year’s International Drone Photography contest have been announced, check them out below:

    International Drone Photography contest, Nature category winners:

    1st Prize Winner – Nature: Provence, summer trim by jcourtial

    This photograph shows lavender fields in France. A specialised machine cuts off the flowering stems, keeping the plant safe for the next season’s harvest.

    International Drone Photography contest lavender fields in Provence

    Provence, summer trim

    2nd Prize Winner – Nature: Infinite Road to Transylvania by Calin Stan

    Pictured is the Infinite road in Romania. The road is located on the Prahova side of the border between the counties of Prahova and Brașov. This road leads to Sighișoara, the supposed birth place of Count Dracula. The country has a number of similar roads that cross its mountainous terrain in a similar fashion.

    International Drone Photography contest Infinite Road to Transylvania

    Infinite Road to Transylvania

    3rd Prize Winner – Nature: Ice formation by Florian

    The impact of climate change can be seen in the photograph above. Captured in East Greenland in February 2017, you can see the breaking apart of a massive ice sheet.

    International Drone Photography contest ice breaking apart in Greenland

    Ice formation

    International Drone Photography contest, People category winners:

    1st Prize Winner – Category People: End of the line by Martin Sanchez

    This photographer captured the above image to warp one’s perspective. The photograph shows a man lying on his side with the bottom of his sheo touching the corner of a painted court.

    International Drone Photography contest guy lying on blue court

    End of the line

    2nd Prize Winner – Category People: Waterlily by helios1412

    This vivid photograph shows a woman harvesting water lilies in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

    woman harvesting water lilies in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam


    3rd Prize Winner – Category People: La Vijanera by feelingmovie

    The photograph shows some of the attendees of the Spanish winter masquerade called La Vijanera. The first part of the masquerade is held on the first Sunday of the new year on the north coast of Spain and the second part reviews the events of the year near its end.

    People at the La Vijanera festival

    La Vijanera

    International Drone Photography contest, Urban category winners:

    1st Prize Winner – Category Urban: Concrete Jungle by bachirm

    Above is a look down into the city of Dubai.

    Dubai from above

    Concrete Jungle

    2nd Prize Winner – Category Urban: Dawn on Mercury City Tower by alexeygo

    Pictured are window washers cleaning the windows of the Mercury tower in Moscow as the sun rises. This 338 metre tall skyscraper has 75 floors and is the third tallest building in Europe. Contruction here began in 2009 and was completed in 2013.

    window washers cleaning the windows of the Mercury tower in Moscow

    Dawn on Mercury City Tower

    3rd Prize Winner – Category Urban: Peace by luckydron

    Pictured is the epicentre of a large mausoleum in Madrid, Spain.

    large mausoleum in Madrid, Spain


    International Drone Photography contest, Creativity category winners:

    This year was the first time this category was introduced, below are the judges’ top picks.

    Two Moo by LukeMaximoBell

    Two cows have an early morning drink at the water’s edge in Paarl in the Western Cape.

    shadows of two cows by water's edge

    Two Moo

    Ugo le marin by rga

    This sand drawing warps your perspective and looks like the child is hanging from the bow of a ship.

    sand drawing of child is hanging from the bow of a ship

    Ugo le marin

    Next Level By macareuxprod

    This photograph served as a creative way for new parents to announce their news to friends and family.

    sand drawing of parents with pram for new baby announcement

    Next Level


    Source: Dronestagram via Design Taxi



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