• Grill steaks… over lava

    Syracuse University Lava Project.
    Date:27 May 2015 Tags:,

    Lava is fascinating stuff. In the Lava Project at New York state’s Syracuse University, they study this volcanic product, experiment with it, make artistic creations… and grill steaks over it. Watch until the end, and you’ll see an unusual way to sear steaks…

    The Lava Project is a collaboration between sculptor Bob Wysocki (Assistant Professor, Department of Art) and geologist Jeff Karson (Professor, Department of Earth Sciences) at Syracuse University. According to the university, the goals of the project include scientific experiments, artistic creations, education, and outreach to the Syracuse University and City communities. Basaltic lava, similar to that found on the seafloor and erupted from volcanoes in Hawaii and Iceland, is melted and poured to produce natural-scale lava flows. The project supports a wide variety of scientific experiments engaging faculty and students at SU and volcanologists from other institutions. The natural beauty and particular properties of the lava are the basis for sculpture projects. In addition, lava pours are staged at the SU Comstock Art Building for classes, student groups, and the public. The SU Lava Project brings the spectacle and excitement of a volcanic eruption to Central New York.

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