How to lasso a bull

How to lasso a bull
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“ The actual roping of a horse, bull or 700-kg steer is a matter of seconds – a very intense 10 seconds,” says Chase Cervi, a Coloradobased rodeo pick-up man (the guy who rescues riders after a fall). “ The closer you can get to the steer or the horse, the better,” Cervi says. “Aim for the head. Pull the slack of the rope quickly to secure it around the animal’s neck. Keep your upper body square and up over the saddle horn. This puts you in a good position to dally. It all happens fast, and you’ve got to slide the rope so that you don’t choke the animal.”

Cowboys connect the lassoed animal to the saddle by wrapping the rope counterclockwise around the saddle’s front horn.

Roping saddle: A heavy, sturdy saddle with a thick, large horn used to control a dallied animal. The saddle has a low rear cantle and a slick fork, or seat. Both allow a quick dismount.

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