• Luna project brings the moon to your home

    • The Luna light is made of fiberglass and non-toxic latex. Image credit: ACORN studio
    • Sizes of the Luna range between 8 and 30 centimetres in diameter. Image credit: ACORN studio
    • The Luna's 4 metre cord gives you the freedom to hang it anywhere. Image credit: ACORN studio
    Date:1 October 2015 Tags:, , , ,

    What if you could always see the moon, regardless of cloud cover or inconveniently places sky scrapers? Well, the Taiwan-based ACORN studio has designed an ingenious “Luna” light, that brings the moon to your home.

    This hand-made ambient lamp is made from fibreglass and coated with non-toxic latex. Luna comes in seven sizes ranging between 8 and 60 centimetres, and is fitted with LED lightbulbs.

    Luna is currently being crowd-funded on Indiegogo and has exceeded the funding goal.

    Image credit: ACORN studio

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