• SpaceX’s posters invite would-be travellers to Mars

    Date:26 May 2015 Tags:, , ,

    The advanced rocket and spacecraft manufacturers, SpaceX, have released the posters below to entice would-be travellers to go to Mars.

    The first image depicts Olympus Mons, the highest peak in our solar system, which is roughly three times taller than Mount Everest. The second image shows Phobos and Demos, the two moons of Mars, while the third image is of the Valles Marineris canyon system, which runs 4 000 kilometres from east-to-west near the Martian equator.

    Designed in a retro graphic style, the images were released with no copyright claim and are free to be enjoyed and used by the public.

    Read more, as reported by Vice, here. Click on the individual posters below to download them.

    Image credit: SpaceX

    SpaceX  SpaceX  SpaceX

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