Watch 360-degree footage of a raging tornado

Date:11 May 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, ,

Watch the video above to see the destruction a tornado can cause.

Posted by American weather forecaster, AccuWeather, the vehicle-mounted camera followed the tornado near Wray in Colorado this weekend. News outlets report it was rated EF-2 with wind speed of more than 200 kilometres per hour.

Tornado intensity is rated according to the damage it inflicts. The measurement scale is called the Enhanced Fujita scale or EF-Scale, named for its inventor, Tetsuya Theodore Fujita. The EF-Scale is an upgraded version of the original. It expands on the degrees of damage and includes better accounts of vegetation and construction quality.

Watch the video above for the footage. To see the 360-degree view, use your finger or left mouse button to click and drag the view point.

Video credit: AccuWeather