• Android with attitude

    Android with attitude
    Date:28 February 2006

    Who needs children when you can have the Robosapien 2 loitering around the home, abusing pets and visitors alike?

    Its, um, robust personality more than makes up for its modest 61 cm height – although it must be said that this is impressive by robot standards. No ordinary robot, Robosapien 2 builds on the abilities of its predecessor, with the ability to act and speak autonomously. Well, almost. This biomorphic marvel reacts to touch and sound, and walks a lot better than the average toddler. It can also perform a range of moves – from bending to lying down and then standing up again – that would land most humans on a chiropractor’s table. Finely tuned precision hands allow it to pick up and throw objects. Equipped with infrared vision, Robosapien 2 can detect obstacles and track movement as well as accept objects handed to it. Sensory features also include a vision colour system that recognises objects and skin tones. When its owner appears, a grateful Robosapien will wave and extend a hand for a handshake. (Formal, yes, but it beats having a Labrador slobber all over your best suit.) Stereo sound detection enables it to respond and react to noises, and it will follow a laser path that’s been traced on the ground. Price: about R1 600. Contact Toys-R-Us on 011-606 3700 or visit www.toysrus.co.za


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