Audiocassette tapes are still alive and well

Audiocassette tapes are still alive and well
Date:2 September 2015

Do you remember tapes? Those were plastic devices you used to record a “mix tape” with songs from the radio for your dearly beloved. And remember that rewind trick of simply poking a pencil into the centre of the miniature reel to wind the tape back onto the spool. Well, they’ve never really gone away.

The National Audio Company based in Springfield, Missouri in the USA, still produces tapes. Last year was their best sales year since they opened their doors for business in 1969. Bloomberg Business reports that the analogue manufacturer’s sales are up another 20 % this year.

Although the company mainly manufactures tapes for music cassettes, they also make blank cassettes.

Remember the protagonist Peter Quill (a.k.a Star Lord) from Guardians of the Galaxy’s mix tape? Well, it came from the National Audio Company.

Visit the Bloomberg Business web site for a video about the company and their manufacturing process.

Source: Bloomberg Business