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    Samsung XL2370
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    Computers and peripherals may be tools, but there’s no reason why their functionality should be compromised by unimaginative design.

    Fortunately, some manufacturers have caught on to this: say hello to Samsung’s XL2370, a new LED monitor featuring cutting-edge technology and a finger-slim design featuring a glossy stand and a clear acrylic neck. It’s the company’s highest-performance display so far, and the first to incorporate LED technology.

    It’s even green, for heaven’s sake. The L2370 offers a whole suite of eco-conscious features, including reduced energy consumption: it requires about 40 per cent less power to operate compared with typical monitors of a similar size.

    Naturally, it’s not just about green credentials and good looks. The monitor also delivers a formidable 5 000 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, with deep, rich colours, while its 2 ms (GTG) video response time minimises blurring when watching sports and fast-moving gameplay. The XL2370 also offers full HD 1080p resolution (1 920×1 080) for optimised viewing of HD and Blu-ray content.

    Like it? Expect to pay R3 999.

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