• Connected compact living with Kasita

    • A look at Kasita's snug, but well-kitted kitchen. Image credit: Kasita
    • The large area at the very back of the home is multi-functional. Image credit: Kasita
    • The bed folds into a couch. Image credit: Kasita
    • Kasita's steps double as drawers. Image credit: Kasita
    • The double bed is an arms reach away from the kitchen. Image credit: Kasita
    • The lounge and kitchen area has enough space for a coffee table. Image credit: Kasita
    • The television folds into the storage unit at the foot of the bed. Image credit: Kasita
    • Kasita's bathroom is fitted with a toilet, shower, basin and cabinet with a mirror. Image credit: Kasita
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    What if you could buy your house or apartment straight from the assembly line and have it ready when you arrive? Kasita is a quick-assembly home that’s stackable, connected and compact.

    Over the past decade, tiny homes and compact living has become popular. With cities becoming increasingly crowded and more people want the convenience of owning a home with the flexibility of travelling.

    Kasita is a step up from these “traditional” tiny homes.

    After living in a 3m² dumpster for a year to experiment with the limits of human habitation, company CEO Jeff Wilson was left with an incredible experience and a new outlook. He then designed Kasita as an ultra-stylish yet practical home with a small footprint.

    Kasita from the outside:

    Kasita from the outside at day

    The units are rectangular and can slot into almost any space. The units can be adopted into mass housing developments like complex blocks or government housing.

    They’re stackable, thus allowing multiple units to be incorporated into areas with limited development potential. Another plus is practicality for use as an accessory dwelling: it can easily become a small guest house or granny flat to substitute income, or an extra space for visiting family and friends.

    Kasita inside:

    Kasita interior with couch

    Kasita’s almost modular design allows for a simple aesthetic with enough space for extras. Walk in the front door and the bathroom, fitted with a shower, basin and toilet, is directly to your right. A little way down the hall is the kitchen with a sunken living room cum bedroom just beyond it. A clever, multi-purpose area is located at the back of the home.

    This tiny dwelling comes with all of the necessities and luxuries of a modern home. It comes with a washer/dryer laundry combo, a single unit refrigerator and freezer, a microwave oven, an induction plate and an aircon with a heat pump.

    The company hopes its housing concept will aid the USA and the world in fighting housing crises and has already started taking unit reservations.

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