• Download Zinio for Kindle Fire from South Africa

    Download Zinio for Kindle Fire from South Africa
    Date:10 May 2012 Author: Alan Duggan Tags:,

    If you’ve bought a Kindle Fire (good for you, by the way) and wasted valuable time trying to download the Zinio app via the Google or Amazon stores from sunny South Africa (what’s with these people… isn’t it time they acknowledged the usefulness of our money?), here’s a solution that works – courtesy of the good people at Zinio customer support.

    They call it a “temporary alternate download”, so we hope it stays around long enough to help you, and they make the point that the following instructions relate only to the Kindle Fire tablet. Okay, here we go…

    From the main screen, put your finger on the top right corner of the screen and swipe your finger down to bring up the Settings menu (or press the little gear icon). Press: More > Device > Allow installation of Applications (from unknown devices)> select “On”.

    Next, download the APK app installer (just tap this link on your Kindle Fire). To monitor your download, put your finger on the top-left corner of the screen and swipe down; this will show the download progress. (If this sounds like teaching you to suck eggs, please bear with us.) Once the download is complete, tap the file that you’ve downloaded, select “Install” and press “Open” when the installation is complete. Okay, now visit http://za.zinio.com and start shopping for those cool magazines.

    P.S. If your first choice isn’t PM, you should be ashamed. Next up, I’d suggest Esquire.

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