Hearing is believing: Asus N53JF laptop

Hearing is believing: Asus N53JF laptop
Date:1 January 2011

If someone told you that, finally, a laptop with decent acoustics had been developed, your response would most probably be “yeah, right”. Fortunately, Asus’ latest multimedia laptop, the N53JF, promises good riddance to tinny audio and muddy, barely audible dialogue.

Asus achieved this by teaming up with audio experts Bang & Olufsen. The result is SonicMaster: a new standard in notebook audio that delivers sonic weight and depth equal to that of dedicated audio systems, and where every sound nuance is faithfully reproduced. Not only are the speakers and resonance chambers bigger than the norm, but the amplifier also gets a much higher voltage, giving it the necessary oomph to create impactful sound.

This also proves critical in another aspect: vocals. Historically, listening to songs on a notebook PC has meant barely intelligible vocals. SonicMaster’s sonic massaging certainly makes a difference to listening to music, but the benefits are also heard elsewhere – in gaming, movies and even communicating via Skype.

Tech features include an Intel Core i5 CPU, 40 cm full HD widescreen, 4 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD. You also get wireless connectivity (802.11bgn), Bluetooth and a 3.0 USB port that delivers 10x the speed of USB 2.0. Price: about R10 000. Contact Asus on 011-783 5450 or visit www.asus.co.za