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    Date:19 October 2016 Tags:,

    Coming out of left field, Huawei took a plunge into the Windows 10 waters and produced a beautiful device that could replace your laptop. The MateBook follows the trend of tablet/keyboard case pairing that has served Microsoft well on its Surface product line and also adds in a pressure-sensitive stylus called the MatePen (which can detect 2 048 levels of pressure).

    Mate-Book is pitched squarely at the coporate world, with Huawei even baking a laser pointer into the MatePen. The Chinese manufacturer promises nine hours of video playback from a full charge and has included a glass trackpad into the full key-board case. On the tablet is a fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers and a solitary USB type-C port for power and data transfer. Huawei will release an adaptor in the coming months.
    RTBA, consumer.huawei.com

    This article was originally published in the April 2016 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.


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