Hydrogen-powered battery can keep iPhone 6 charged for a week

A newly developed hydrogen-powered battery can reportedly keep an iPhone 6 charged for a week
Image credit: Apple Inc.
Date:25 August 2015

Technology company Intelligent Energy has made an iPhone 6 prototype powered by a rechargeable hydrogen battery that can last for up to a week.

The Telegraph reports that the prototype contains a rechargeable battery that works using the company’s patented technology. The battery combines hydrogen and oxygen and produces small amounts of water and heat as waste.

Intelligent Energy claims to have incorporated the fuel cell system into an iPhone 6, with the only alteration to the design of the smartphone being rear vents to allow the water vapour to escape. The Telegraph reported having seen an adapted headphone socket, which will serve as the hydrogen refuelling point.

“We have now managed to make a fuel cell so thin we can fit it to the existing chassis without alterations and retaining the rechargeable battery. This is a major step because if you are moving to a new technology you have to give people a path they are comfortable with, ” says Henri Winand, chief executive of Intelligent Energy.

Although there is speculation that Intelligent Energy is working on this project alongside Apple Inc, the latter has not commented on the rumours.

Source: The Telegraph