Among the notable skyscrapers filling Dubai’s crowded skyline are the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest skyscraper – the oddly shaped Burj Al Arab hotel and the former holder of the highest building throne, the Princess Tower. It’s easy to imagine that, in a city so choked with tall buildings, dousing a fire on the 100th floor could be more than a little troublesome.

That’s why Dubai’s Department of Civil Defence recently signed a contract to supply their firefighters with jetpacks developed by the New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company. The company initially focused on manufacturing jetpacks for leisure, but reports that it soon became obvious that jetpacks hold great opportunities for civil service. The company completed a successful 5 000 foot (1 524 metre) jetpack ascent in 2011. (Watch the ascent video below.)

Images and videos credit: Martin Aircraft Company

Source: The Daily Dot