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    Q: To see text on my iPad mini, I often have to zoom in. That works fine on the Web, but I can’t get any of my magazines to change size. Am I stuck squinting?

    A: Yours is one of the main complaints voracious e-magazine readers have about Apple’s baby tablet: Some magazines are simply too small to read. That’s because Apple decided to give the iPad mini and its bigger, non-Retina sibling, the same resolution (in part so programmers don’t need to re-do their apps specifically for the smaller screen), so what you see on the 7-inch screen is just a miniaturised version of what you’d get on the 10-inch.

    What’s more, most don’t allow you to zoom in on them the way you can with Web sites or PDFs. The solution lies in the iPad’s Accessibility settings, where you can turn on zoom. A double tap with three fingers zooms in; keep your fingers on the screen after the second tap and slide up or down to adjust the image magnification.

    Although magazines on Android tablets generally allow zooming – unlike those on an iPad with Accessibility turned off – you may want to turn on overall zooming abilities to let you magnify, say, a home-screen image. Turn on magnification in the Accessibility settings. Zoom in by triple-tapping with one finger, then adjust the magnification by pinching with two fingers.

    While you’re at it, you might want to make all text on your tablet bigger. On both iOS and Android devices, head to Accessibility to change the overall system type size to something that doesn’t require a monocle. Keep in mind this won’t affect type size in most magazines because they are technically image files, not text.

    By Rachael Z Arndt

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