• Opinion: 5 things the Samsung Galaxy S8 must do to not suck

    Date:13 March 2017 Author: Lindsey Schutters Tags:, , ,

    Samsung won MWC by absence because every major smartphone story was reported in the vacuum left by the company not unveiling a flagship device at the show. But competitors have moved quickly. As it stands the Galaxy S8 will win by merely being first to market with the Snapdragon 835 processor, but that may not be enough. There are other innovations currently catching the eye of Android consumers which Samsung must address. Here’s my wish list for Big Blue to make a huge splash with the new standard bearer.

    Beat Huawei at cameras
    Well, actually it needs to beat the Pixel at the DXO scoring by delivering the best HDR experience imaginable. In our Pixel-free market, however, the P10 reigns supreme with delivering breathtaking details in challenging conditions. The S7 had incredible optics, but lacked a killer feature. It was the vanilla ice cream of 2016 smartphone photography. Migrating back to 16 MP would be a nice change in pace. There seems to be no second camera on the back, so zero depth effects, but that can be solved with premium glass and a large sensor. Maybe employ Sony’s memory stack module as a nice surprise.

    Give us something to hold on to
    LG did the Lord’s work by making a 5,7-inch display fit in our palm, Samsung must at least match the G6 for ergonomics. Also, placing the fingerprint sensor in a congested area is going to result in smudge camera lenses really quickly.

    Keep things crisp
    AMOLED leads the way in display versatility and contrast. HDR is a must, but a 4K jump would be nice to have. It seems like 2017 is shaping up to be the year that premium content goes mobile and consumers need some direction to this new era of TV watching. Samsung can dictate that direction.

    Have some Grace
    By all accounts the Grace UI of the incendiary Note 7 was a great compromise between Google’s vision for Android and Samsung’s obsession with half-baked features. More of that, please. Early leaks do point to a continuation of cartoonish iconography, but TouchWhizz must be held at bay.

    Banish the PIN
    Putting the fingerprint sensor on the rear leaves little option for unlocking the device as it lays on a surface outside of picking up the phone and this problem gets worse if you dash mount your device in the car. Iris scanning is an essential, as well as double tap to wake. Maybe enhanced voice detection or Bluetooth and GPS unlock could work alongside iris scanning.

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