For years, British tech company Dyson has largely dominated the bladeless market. But what was once known as the premier brand in bladeless technology is going to be turned on its head by Panasonic. Yes, Panasonic has thrown its hat into the ring with its first bladeless product: the Q-Fan.

With the fan’s interesting-looking, quirky and quintessentially Japanese design, and the Q-Fan is definitely like no other fan you’ve ever seen. And it enters the market at a much more affordable price.

The Q-Fan’s design

The ball-shaped fan has six small circular induction inlets that pulls air into the centre of the fan and blows it out of the large circular outlet in the middle.

The fan unit is moulded from a hard, slightly glossy plastic and feels solid. It’s also lightweight and easy to move around.

The fan’s quirky design makes it more of a clever addition to a room, and it’s very unique colouring ensure that the fan is never an eyesore. The Q-Fan is available in three unique colours: Crystal Red, Champagne Gold and Pearl White.

The Q-Fan is available in three unique colours

Q-Fan comes with a stand and can be rotated 360-degrees, while standing on the floor or propped up on a table. It can also be pointed straight forward or at a slight upward angle, depending on your requirements.

Inspired by the natural airflow of the Tateshina Plateau in Chubu, Japan, the Q-Fan is designed to create a powerful yet soft and refreshing breeze. The five speed settings and is capable of amplifying the airflow up to seven times, while mimicking the natural airflow felt at the plateau.

But don’t let its gentle inspiration fool you! The Q-Fan is quiet and efficient, letting out only the slightest hum when emitting air.

Panasonic's Q-Fan at home

How it works

Bladeless fans let air out without visible blades. The fan and its motor are usually disguised in the body of the fan, with an almost invisible gap serving as an outlet for the air.

In the case of the Q-Fan, the air is pulled through an inlet located at the back of the unit and propelled by the hidden fans through the induction outlet. Air is also pulled in through the six small circular induction inlets. The green and blue arrows in the infographic below illustrate this.

How Panasonic's Q-Fan works

Notes on the Q-Fan

– The turbo induction amplifies the airflow up to seven times
– Five speed settings
– A soft hum emits from the fan when it’s on, made possible by its bladeless technology
– It can be used as a fan or an air conditioner
– The fan is lightweight and compact, measuring 25 centimeters in width

Where can you get it?

The Q-Fan is currently only available at Tafelberg Furnishers, for R2999. But you can expect it at other leading retailers within the coming months.

Panasonic's Q-Fan in red


Images credit: Panasonic