From time to time Razer, the company known for its gaming peripherals, astounds the world with a left-field innovation that changes the game… and Project Valerie is no different.

Project Valerie is a triple display laptop concept the company revealed at CES 2017. The aluminium laptop, said to be just as think as a regular 17-inch display, comes jam-packed with only the best in hardware and is said to weigh just under 5,5 kilograms. Project Valerie is fitted with three 4K 17.3-inch screens and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU. The system also runs NVIDIA’s surround view, a system that allows games to expand over three displays in full 3D HD.

Although not much has been released around the technology behind the screens, we can only assume it has been fitted with the latest in display technology. Recent advancements in displays like organic light-emitting diode (simply called OLED) might hold the key to how Project Valerie is still a fairly lightweight and thin laptop.

Watch the demo video above to see what Project Valerie looks like.

Images and video credit: Razer