Snap judgements: GoPro Hero4 Session edition

  • So small. So stoked.
Date:24 August 2015 Author: Lindsey Schutters

It occurred to me when I saw the Cannondale Hooligan in the lineup of bikes we could ride for the launch activities that GoPro were releasing a very niche product. It took exactly one minute after the promo film viewing before the words “core sports” were used.

The Hero4 Session is an amazing piece of kit that comes with added benefits of being quite aerodynamic when compared to its larger Hero4 siblings. Max resolution recording is at 1440p (or 2K for you younger folk) and the device is water resistant down to 10 m without the need for a casing. You drive it with two buttons – one to change state and one to stop and start recording – and the images auto adjust so you’re always shooting upright.

The price point, however, is closer to the fuller featured Hero4 Silver than is comfortably justifiable and the usage case is far too specialised to warrant the hype surrounding it. This is meant for athletes in core sports and not the average consumer. Strange then that GoPro would launch the Hero+ LCD (read more in our upcoming issue) at the same event.

For now, at least, the Hero4 Silver is still the best GoPro for most people and unless you’re earning money off of what you’re using a GoPro for, I’d suggest you hold off on investing in the Session.