• Tool Logic SL Pro 2 Survival Tool

    Date:11 August 2013 Tags:, ,

    Sometimes, all it takes is a really good knife to get you out of trouble. Still, there’s an advantage to having a few more options than just the basic blade. Tool Logic’s SL PRO 2 Survival Tool has, apart from its serrated medium carbon stainless steel folding blade, handy tools to help you out in a crisis. The firestarter rod, when scraped along the back of the blade, produces an impressive 3 000-degree spark that’ll easily light stoves or fires, even in the wet. The rod’s handle contains a small yet powerful waterproof LED torch and an emergency whistle is built into the base of the handle. Price: about R700. Contact Mantality on 011 462 5482 or visit www.mantality.co.za

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