Remember when chocolate fountains were all the range at parties? Well, soon we’ll probably welcome XOCO 3D-printed chocolate at birthdays and events.

This quaint 3D-printer works with a polar rotational system that builds layers of chocolate in the same way a conventional plastic 3D-printer would. The ball-shaped chocolate container is suspended on a pillar, allowing it to rotate and move vertically as the design intends.

The XOCO was designed by Dutch design studio Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp. The company set out to create a product that is hygienic and appropriate for food creation environments and has ease of use for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Watch the video above to see the XOCO create edible prints. Visit the Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp website here for more information.

Images and video credit: Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp

Video source: Dezeen