• Activity trackers 3: Fitbit Flex

    Fitbit activity tracker.
    Date:30 May 2014 Tags:, ,

    The final member of our trio of fitbands is the Fitbit Flex. Like Oregon Scientific’s Ssmart Dynamo and the Garmin Vivofit, it comes in a default black with colour options for the style-conscious.

    The device consists of a little pod that “plugs” into the band. It needs to be removed for charging, which takes about hours. A full charge is said to last 5 days.

    What sets the Fitbit apart from the others is sensory alerts: it has a 5-LED display and a vibration function.

    Operation is fairly straightforward and should suit the non-geeky.

    To get the full story, see Tested in the July 2014 issue of Popular Mechanics, on sale June 23.

    * Lost or damaged your Fitbit charger? Here is how to make a DIY charger – free!



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