Alan Shepard hits a golf ball on the Moon

Date:7 September 2011 Tags:, , , , ,

Apollo 14 Commander and original Mercury astronaut Alan B Shepard Jnr, the first American to fly in space, tees off on the lunar surface during his 1971 mission, with crewmate Edgar Mitchell watching and capcom Fred Haise commenting from Mission Control. Shepard said the ball went “miles and miles”.

Shepard is using a real golf ball and an actual six iron, attached to the end of the handle for the contingency sample return.

Image and video credit: Nasa

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  • eksteen23

    Everybody knows that the whole moon landing episode was just a huge propaganda hoax. How much longer must we listen to all the lies that we are being fed on a daily basis.Neil Armstrong and his mates were never on the moon,just like the twin towers did not collapse under terrorist attacks but under some government ‘intervention’.

  • u/clive

    Oh dear eksteen23, next you will be saying that humans never migrated from Mars to Earth when the planet started drying up.

  • Alan Edwards

    As much as I would love to agree with you (I don’t like Americans), I think we will have let them have the moon landing. The jury is still out on the WTC issue.

  • Astro

    Dear Eksteen23: I am sure you follow your cousin, Paul Kruger’s belief that the world is flat and you will fall off the edge if you travel too far from your home in Blikkiesdorp.

  • Blackfoot

    Talking about “huges hoaxes”, do you believe in an imaginary sky daddy ?

  • Wollie

    Are you serious?