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    This mech created by Furrion is 4.5m tall, weighs 3 800kg and can move at 32km/h, which is faster than most humans run. Usain Bolt has set a record of 44.72 km/h, but of course he’s no average runner.

    The monster, dubbed Prosthesis, is not a robot. It’s an exoskeleton that requires a driver and Furrion pictures a fleet of these competing in a racing league.

    The Prosthesis amplifies the actions of its pilot and has been described as a ‘robot suit’. It was unveiled at the 2017 CES and at that point it just stood still looking pretty. It’s nice to see some progress.

    The video shows the galumphing giant being piloted in a simple forward motion in a desert environment and then being joined by a second and a third unit.

    Furrion describe the Prosthesis as “a departure from conventional, human scale exo-bionic technology, integrating off-road racing with industrial motion control to produce an entirely new breed of human piloted machine.

    Developed in the Lab, but built for the real world. With a human at the controls, and state of the art, off-road suspension, Prosthesis will be capable of tackling any terrain.”

    Furrion, established in 2004 is not a robotics company, but rather the makers of high-end appliances and luxury electronics.

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