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    On 29 August 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Gulf Coast. By the time the skies cleared, Katrina had killed more than 1 800 people, caused roughly $125 billion (about R1 trillion) in damages, and went down as one of the strongest storms to hit the US in a century.

    Five years later, Nasa revisited the storm with a short video that shows Katrina as captured by satellites. Before and during the hurricane's landfall, Nasa provided data gathered from a series of Earth observing satellites to help predict Katrina's path and intensity. In its aftermath, Nasa satellites also helped identify areas hardest hit. Watch this retrospective video of Hurrican Katrina…

    Read the article, "Super storms", in the November 2011 issue of Popular Mechanics (on sale on 24 October).

    Related video: storm chasers Mike Theiss and Jim Reed take you up close and personal with Hurricane Katrina.

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