• Introducing… Christopher Conte’s Steel Widow

    Date:20 December 2010 Tags:,

    Christopher Conte originally spent 16 years working in the prosthetics field, making artificial limbs for amputees. Throughout this time, he created biomechanical sculptures that reflected his passion for biomechanics, anatomy and robotics. In June 2008, he began his career as a full-time artist.

    Christopher’s one-of-a-kind works are usually created from a combination of original cast components with found or recycled parts, using a range of materials from bronze to carbon fibre. Many of the materials used in the aerospace industry and the medical field have found their way into his work.

    Watch this video to see Conte’s Steel Widow, as well as some other examples of his work…

    Find out more about Christopher Conte, as well as about other talented people who create robots and other metal “personalities” from stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminium and an assortment of consumer detritus (such as old typewriters) in the January 2011 issue of Popular Mechanics. [click here]

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