• Man gets tailor-made 3D-printed skull implant

    Date:20 June 2013 Tags:, , ,

    Skull implants may not be considered cutting-edge, but a man recently received one made to order by a 3D printer. Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) prints the inserts, which can replace up to an amazing 75 per cent of a patient’s skull. The Connecticut-based company forges replacement bone out of biomedical polymer, a thermoplastic that’s lighter than metal but with bone-like density and stiffness. And, unlike metal, the polymer doesn’t interfere with MRIs and X-rays.

    It also fits better: currently, surgeons have to customise one-size-fits-all implants for each patient during surgery. But doctors can precisely tailor this implant to the patient by using computer-aided design files.

    This video gives you a little more insight as to how the tailor-made skull implant was made…

    Now that US federal government approval has been secured, the company can start developing 3D-printed implants for other body parts.

    – Mary Beth Griggs



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