Metal Vapour Torch slices through metal in seconds

Date:13 December 2012 Tags:, ,

A Metal Vapour Torch (MVT) is the size of a torch, but packs the punch of a light sabre. The tool is made for police and military personnel to cut through bolts, chains and padlocks at high speed. The handheld device’s blade of flame can slice through a 12 mm steel bar in less than a second. The MVT, developed by Energetic Materials & Products of the US, uses solid fuel and an oxidiser, making it lighter and more compact than traditional gas-powered oxy-acetylene torches.

Watch as the Metal Vapour Torch cuts through a padlock with ease…

– David Hambling

  • Wayne Holt

    This looks like a portable version of an oxygen lance used in the foundry industry. Essentially there is fine steel wires and a small compressed oxygen cylinder as well as some ignition source (Piezo) The oxygen passes over the wires where upon the the steel is oxidised or melted (1600 degrees C). The pressure from the compressed oxygen forces this molten steel through the metal being cut.