• Smithsonian’s Incredible Bionic Man

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    The Smithsonian Channel approached a team of engineers with an incredible task – to create a person out of artificial body parts. After a year-and-a-half of research that involved talking to people worldwide who had already created body parts for humans, Richard Walker, Bertolt Meyer and Alexander Seifalian got together to build the Incredible Bionic Man.

    The 6-foot-tall robot built entirely from bionic body parts and implantable synthetic organs – complete with a functioning circulatory system – can walk, talk, grasp, see hear and even think.

    A one-hour documentary chronicling the story of the Incredible Bionic Man was aired on the Smithsonian Channel on 20 October.

    In this video, SilverCheese.TV interviews Richard Walker from The Shadow Robot Company

    Source: SilverCheese.TV



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