It is possible to split a bullet with a sword

Date:16 October 2017 Tags:, , , ,

But just because it’s possible to split a bullet with a sword, doesn’t mean you should try.

By Avery Thompson

Can you split a bullet with a sword? Maybe, if you’re very lucky. But even if you somehow manage that feat, it will all happen too fast to see. Fortunately, the Slow Mo Guys have a high-speed camera to show you exactly what splitting a bullet looks like.

Technically, they’re using a gun that fires pellets instead of real bullets, and they’ve got a knife instead of a sword, but effectively it’s the same thing, and it looks just as cool. Take a look in the video above.

So basically, this proves that you can totally split a bullet with a sword. Sure, you’d need to hold the sword perfectly still and aim the bullet precisely at the middle, but it can be done. Just make sure you don’t miss.

Source: The Slow Mo Guys
From: PM USA