• Truck carrying 60-metre turbine blade successfully makes sharp turn

    Date:10 October 2017 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , ,

    The video above shows a freight truck carrying a 60-metre turbine blade successfully making a very sharp and seemingly impossible turn.

    At the beginning of the clip you see the truck arriving at the narrow road and slowing down for the turn. The camera then follows the length of the trailer – showing just how long 60 metres is. If at this point you’re thinking: no way, don’t worry you’re not alone. It does seem like the truck will never make the turn. But then, with some patience, the truck makes the turn in one motion. The video is sped up, so the turn looks to have been faster than it really was.

    This abnormally long trailer was designed by the Dutch company Nooteboom to transport turbine blades to windfarms. The particular 60-metre turbine blade on the truck above was on its way to a new windfarm project in Fort Augustus, Scotland.

    Source: SWD
    Video credit: Nooteboom

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