• Watch all 6 Star Wars movies at once

    Date:15 December 2015

    With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in local cinemas, the time has run out to catch up with the six preceding films. So, if you can squeeze off 2hours and 22 minutes, you could watch all of the films at once.

    As part of an art installation, YouTuber user Michael McNulty has put together all six Star Wars films in a single grid. Understandably it is quite difficult to follow six frames of dialogue at once, but it’s interesting to see how often spacecraft and combat action appear in all the films at the same time.

    Watch the video above to see all the films at once, and see if you can sport R2D2 in all six frames simultaneously.

    Video credit: Michael McNulty

    Copyright credit: Lucasfilm©, Walt Disney©

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