• World’s first surfboard with integrated technology

    Date:14 June 2011 Tags:

    Researchers in Spain have loaded a high-tech surfboard with sensors that they hope will “turn feelings into facts and figures”. A slew of instruments – which together weigh less than 900 g – transmit data wirelessly from the board to an onshore computer for real-time monitoring. Tecnalia Research and Innovation and surfboard manufacturer Pukas hope to use data collected from professional surfers to make stronger, more responsive surfboards.

    → Relays the gravitational forces imposed on the board; a tight turn can generate 5 g’s.

    → Uses satellites to pinpoint the board’s location and track its speed.

    Strain gauges
    → Measure the flex of the board during manoeuvres.

    → Determines orientation, including the angle of the board as it carves through water.

    – Alex Hutchinson

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