World’s highest paper plane flight

Date:16 October 2014 Tags:, , , ,

On 13 September 2014, the Fox Valley Composite Squadron of the Illinois Wing, Civil Air Patrol, achieved the world’s highest paper plane flight. Aboard the team’s FVCS-5 near-space helium-filled balloon, the paper plane was launched from a height of 29 432 m.

If their application and corroborating evidence are officially vetted by the Guinness Book of World Records, the team will have set a new world record for “Highest Paper Airplane Flight from High Altitude Balloon”.

An onboard HD nose-camera mounted on the paper plane captured the footage in the video above. Take a look at the potential record-setting flight…

Image credit: 1st Lt Gary Brown

Source: Civil Air Patrol


  • eleyfied

    Wasn’t so much a flight as a tumbling, out of control plummet was it? Might as well have attached a camera to a spinning rock. Still, quite a bit of fun.

  • Ryanza

    That looked more like a fall than a flight

  • Christopher Buchanan


  • Reader

    What next for fun?