Citroën and Courrèges take E-Mèhari to Geneva

Date:2 March 2016 Author: Kyle Kock Tags:, ,

On show at the Geneva Motor Show this week is the all-electric Citroën E-Mèhari, a modern revisit of the company’s 2CV-based Méhari compact SUV that debuted in 1968 and enjoyed a 20 year production run.

Although the E-Méhari is modern in every sense of the word, it still captures some of the essence of its vintage counterpart. Like the Méhari’s corrugated bodywork, the E-Méhari is grooved in places. Styled by French fashion house Courrèges, the E-Méhari is finished in the brand’s signature white – even down to the four wheels. The only bit of contrast comes from a singular bright orange strip from the centre of the alloy to the edge of the rim.

The E-Méhari’s cabin features the same treatment as the exterior, with white leather upholstery and mats. Orange strips provide the same minimal contrast as the exterior, particularly on the single-spoke steering wheel (a Citroën hallmark). Another throwback to the carmaker’s heritage is the square design of the seats and facia – reminiscent of the boxy Méhari and 2CV.

Being an electric vehicle, the E-Méhari uses lithium metal polymer (LMP) batteries that power it to 110 km/h top speed and urban range of 200 km. According to Citroën, a full recharge will take just eight hours.